Bangalore Residents Opt for Smart Homes

The flourishing real estate of Bangalore is attracting a high number of investments from across a wide segment of buyers.  With an investment of only Rs. 70,000, a buyer can easily upgrade to a smart home in this urban city. Let us take a look at how integrated smart home providers are promoting this revolutionary concept for a simplified lifestyle.

An Overview

Whether you are seeking to upgrade your existing abode or buy a home in Bangalore, you can customize your home to make it `smart’. There is a latest trend of installing smart technology in homes to suit and simplify your current lifestyle. It may cost you dough, but in the end you will know why it is worth the expenditure. Residents who opt to live in smart homes get to experience a home with unobstructed Wi-Fi, automatic control of lights, fans, air conditions, TVs, geyser, a motion-detecting security system and also a garden water sprinkler system.

So how smart should your house be? It all depends on the amount you are willing to invest in it. The smart home technological systems start from a minimum of Rs. 70,000 and go up to Rs. 37 Lac so you can make your apartment or villa smart depending on your budget. The price mainly varies because of the difference in the quality of sensors, detailing and integrated services. All this eventually differentiates one smart home from another.

The Basic Smart Facilities

The fundamental model of smart homes in Bangalore consists of automatic control of only basic utilities like lights, fans, TVs, geysers, air conditioning, a basic security set-up, microwave and water sprinkler for the garden. This basic arrangement is feasible for a 2 BHK flat covering a built-up area of 1200 square feet to 1500 square feet and would cost nearly Rs. 70,000.

You can sit in one of the rooms and switch off a utility that you left on in the other room. And in case you wish to obtain the luxury of accessing these facilities while on the way back from work and enter the house to a well-lit or air conditioned house, you would have to shell out approximately Rs. 1 Lac for the system. With this, your mobile will be adequate to control these utilities. A special SIM card will be installed at your place that can receive your SMS and then execute the desired action. For those who wish to have voice control and recognition instead of the messaging system, the cost can rise up further.

The Mid-Range Assistances

This segment consists of motion sensors that get activated and switch on the lights as soon as you get down from your bed and start walking towards the washroom during the night.

Depending on your needs, you may also choose to light up the stair case as you descend the steps at night for a late-night snack. Your smart system can also help you fine-tune the regular appliances to make a snack, for instance your microwave can be programmed to make a warm sandwich or fresh popcorn even at 2:00 am.
The other facilities include more lighting in bathrooms during the evenings, cameras with night vision and sensors that can alert hospitals and voice controlled systems for senior citizens. With all this come security measures for the compound walls and gate. The overall price for such system ranges between Rs. 3 Lac to Rs. 5 Lac, depending on the size of the area covered.

High-End Offerings

This is the most expensive category of smart home systems. It is advisable to get it installed only if you are going to buy a house in Bangalore, rather than upgrade. It offers special glass windows and doors that have inbuilt force- and cut- resistant sensors. When cut with a sharp object, the glass will melt and form a gel to create a shattering noise. The attached sensors set off the alarm, alerting the service providers who then inform the local police station.

Thus, people are trending towards these new home systems to lead more secure and comfortable lifestyles.

Author Bio: Devika Arora is an enthusiastic writer who compiles relevant data after analyzing the current state of affairs. The given article discusses about smart homes in Bangalore.

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