Application For Citizenship Online In The U.S.

Application For Citizenship Online‎ in the U.S.The government of the United States provides an opportunity to apply for benefits for immigrants via the Internet. With the help of the USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) website, over a million people have already used the service.

Migration officers noted the effectiveness of the new solution: it optimizes internal work and reduces waiting time for migrants. By applying online, a person can view the status of their case. And do not waste time due to postal and technical delays. A part of the “paper” cargo was removed from the workers of the migration service. Also in the system it is convenient to request additional data and clarify information. To apply, simply fill in the data fields and upload documents.

Among those who have already used the tools of USCIS, 61% are US citizens who have applied for a green card replacement, and 37% have used the service to obtain citizenship. Most online applications on the N-400 form (naturalization) were filed in the states of Texas, Florida and California.

With a personal profile on the site, you can safely send a request and track the status of the application. Among the other advantages, USCIS noted a simplified payment system, compatibility with various devices, the ability to quickly update their data and view the list of interactions with the service.

Soon the migration service will start promoting an online tool in areas with a large number of migrants.

Picture Credit: Kelly Sikkema

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