Guide to Find a Property on Rent

Are you looking for a rented house? Well, there are a host of things that need to be considered at the time of taking a house on rent. Read on the article to get some useful tips on finding a property on rent.

Finding a prefect house for rent can be a time taking process if not planned properly. To make it a right decision, there are several things that need to be considered at the time of looking for a rental property.  Take a look at them:

Know your Budget

As a tenant, you need to pay rentals on regular basis. It is an expense that cannot be avoided. So, it is advisable to know beforehand that how much you can spend on a rented house. Avoid taking a high rental property that makes it difficult for you to pay rent in future. To decide on your budget, calculate all your taxes and expenses and decide accordingly. Some amount should be kept aside as your savings. Remember, every year your rent amount is going to increase. So, decide your budget wisely.

Property Size

To refine your search, decide in advance the size of property that will meet your purpose. If you are single, a 1 BHK flat is sufficient. However, if you are married or have kids, you can refine your search to a 2/3/4 BHK flat. This helps you to save time in checking the different sizes of flats.

Check Location

When you are living with your family, it is imperative to choose a residential locality that is a safe place to live. Apart from security features, also check if it is accessible from other nearby locations. If you have kids, look for a location that is in proximity to schools, colleges, shopping centers and medical centers. If you do not own a car, it becomes more important to check a locality that offers easy availability of public transportation. Mostly, flats available in prime locations of a city include high rentals. However, it is important to realize that living in a posh locality is always a safe option than choosing an interior location with comparatively low rentals.

Check the Things you Need

You can make your rented house a perfect home if it includes everything you want within your budget. Nowadays, everyone dreams of a lavish lifestyle. While searching for a property on rent, look for a residential apartment that offers modern amenities and features, including gymnasium, play area for kids, swimming pool, and club house. With an increase in the demand for luxury living, several reputed developers in India are offering luxury residential projects at a different price range.

Market Survey

Before deciding on any property, it is advisable to do some market survey about the current rental charges in a particular locality and size of the apartment. Most of the times, to earn high profits the real estate agents may misguide you. Doing your own survey by checking on some reliable property sites can help you to get some actual idea about the current market rates.

Visit the Actual Location

While consulting a property dealer to help you find out a house for rent, make sure you personally visit the apartment and not rely on a sample flat or model. It allows you to take an actual look of the cabinets, closets and room size to ensure if the space is sufficient to accommodate your stuff.

Read the Rent Agreement

Once everything else like location, connectivity, amenities and budget is confirmed, do not rush to sign the rent agreement and check it thoroughly before signing it. Make sure to ask your landlord to put in writing what is covered in your rent and what is not. Clearly mention the security deposit amount, monthly rent, electricity charges, notice period, and other things. Take a copy of the agreement and keep it safe for future reference. Confirm for any hidden charges apart from the rent amount. Remember, the agreement should be signed by both the parties.

Decide the mode of Payment

It is another important thing that needs to be confirmed in advanced to avoid any future dispute. Discuss with the house owner about the mode of paying the rent amount. Cash, cheque and internet transfer are some of the common options. Keep a record of the amount transferred in a form of statement with you for future reference.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are a few other things that if considered helps to find out a perfect house. Check if the surrounding is clean and green. If you own a vehicle, look for the availability of a parking space. Also, before moving to the house, report about any damage in the property to the owner. This will help you to get it repaired or not paying additional charges at the time when you vacate the house.

Whatever factors you consider for taking a rented house, it should be your own decision. Do not get influenced by what your property agent tells you. Make your own survey and find the best deal as you know better what you want!

Author Bio: Swati Srivastava is a writer by profession who has been lending her expertise to real estate, jobs, lifestyle and education related websites. This article is a contribution to to offer useful information about rental homes in India.


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